7 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Despite the increased attention paid to digital marketing, printed marketing has not lost its relevance. In today’s society, print resources and promotional products continue to be tangible expressions of a brand and remain vital elements of small marketing plans. A printing order from your local print shop is far more affordable than ever, meaning that it helps the marketing budget go further; therefore, you will receive items printed on professional paper without having to spend too much money. This article will provide information on the top print marketing ideas for small businesses.

#1: Business Cards and Loyalty Cards

Business and loyalty cards are small pieces of paper to promote your business. You can share them with customers, friends, and even hand them out at professional meetings or social conferences. When you print a business card and give it to people, you will create a visual and mental link to your company. Even after the client has been added to a database, people tend to keep loyalty cards as cost-effective incentives to build fans and maintain a repeat consumer base. For more impressive cards, it is recommended that you opt for a coated paper or turn the backside of the card into an appointment card area.

#2: Banners and Posters

Banners and posters are large-format graphics to promote products or announce a special offer related to a specific item or brand. The large-graphic can help attract clients to the store or sale; moreover, the oversized printing can help make a full-color poster to promote a sale.

#3: Flyers and Brochures

Even in this digital era, printed marketing materials remain as important as marketing resources. Flyers and brochures are as significant a means of presenting the information quickly, as well as a method of reminding the clients of products and services. The information can be deployed using these materials via direct mail marketing campaigns to current or prospective customers. Brochure holders are also available to display the printed flyers and brochures at the front counter of an exposition booth or trade show. It is recommended that you include testimonials from satisfied clients, your website and social media handles in addition to the logo and message on the brochures.

#4: Postcards

Research has found that approximately 79 percent of all customers scan or read advertising mail; therefore, direct mail is more effective than constant online advertising. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail marketing is seven times more effective than all social media platforms combined.

While flyers and brochures are beneficial to send us direct mail, there are also postcards that can be used as part of the small business direct mail campaigns once you have the customer’s address. The postcard should have a logo on the material promoting discounts or events to the customer. If you are sending it as a thank you or seasonal holiday message, you could place a suitable image on the card making it a picture postcard for Christmas or New Years.

#5: Branded Letterheads and Envelopes

Investing in branded letterheads and envelopes can be considered a long-term investment because these items will always make a good first impression. Envelopes with the company’s logo are ideal for direct mail campaigns as they give an air of professionalism. They are also beneficial when mailing invoices, gift cards and other types of correspondence as customers will feel confident in the company.

#6: Branded Promotional Items

One of the most popular print marketing items for smaller (and large) companies is the branded promotional item. This involves the placement of a company logo on promotional items, such as pens and phone chargers. The idea is to use promotional products that are highly functional, and people are most likely to keep in view. In this case, the branding will do your promoting for you without you needing to do too much work.

#7: Branded Promotional Clothing

Similar to promotional items, promotional clothing involves the placement of company logos on wearable items worn by customers or staff. This is useful because it is effective, long-lasting and creates the impression of unity within the business.

Final Words

Even if you choose to rely on social media, websites and email marketing to promote your company, there is always a need for printed marketing campaigns. Using the marketing ideas above, you can easily boost a business without the need to break your budget.